How to Use Google Search Console to Get More Search Traffic

Let’s start with the basics. Google’s algorithm ranks each page for terms it thinks are appropriate to the content. You can access those inferences through the free Google Search Console. 1. Get the big and little picture You reach at the overview screen. Click on the Performance tab to see an summary of your site’s performance, including: - Ø   Total clicks Ø   Total impressions Ø   Average click-through rate (CTR) Ø   Average position of your site The default view of the graphic (below) contains only total clicks and impressions. To see average CTR and average position in the graph, click on its consistent box. data-ad-format="fluid" data-ad-client="ca-pub-9558847196502752" data-ad-slot="6249516957"> The tabs – queries, pages, countries, devices, and search appearance – allow you to examine the data (clicks, impr

Best Google Analytics Reports That Show How Your Blog is Actually Performing

If you want to figure out how to grow your blog and, more highly, your revenue  from your blog, there are 6 reports that you need to start looking at on a steady basis. Here they are and here is how you use them: -   Report #1: Cohort Analysis   Within the Google Analytics, click on “ Audience ” and then “Cohort Analysis”. Once you land on that report, you’ll see a graph that looks similar to this: -   Beneath the Cohort Size drop-down menu, choose “by week”. Under “Date Range”, select “Last 12 weeks”. Once the data loads, you’ll see a table that looks somewhat like this: -   This table displays the percentage of your visitors that comes back each week. On the very left it will always show 100%. Then in the columns to the right, you’ll see week 1, week 2 etc. This depicts the percentage of visitors who come back to your blog each and every week after their first visit. For example, if this week you had 100 people visit your b

Advanced Google Ad-Words Interview Questions With Answers 2020 | YOUNG EVOLUTION

Are you still mixed up with what kind of questions you are going to be asked for your interview? Here we have a list of Google Ad Words Interview questions & answers 2020 that will help you in giving the interview confidently. Q1 what is Ad Words? Ad Words is a platform that Google has formed to accommodate in marketing product or services on Google search engine.  It seems as a text ad that is shown when people search for keywords that are linked with your product, service or an proposing. Q2 Explain how Ad Words work? Ad word straightly works under a bidding system and by bidding it means the price of a particular Ad. More the price, higher the ranking of the Ad. These Ad Words work on pay per click which means you only pay the amount you have quoted, only if somebody clicks on your Ad. Q3 Explain what is Ad rank? Ad rank fundamentally defines the position of your ad on Google page and it is determined by one’s bid for the keyword.